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Adding a Gym to Your Office? Choose from These Concrete Flooring Options

Adding a Gym to Your Office? Choose from These Concrete Flooring Options

An office gym is going to be like no other room in the building, as it needs to be especially strong and resistant to damage, but also flexible enough to suit a variety of activities. It’s incredibly important to consider what type of gym flooring you are looking to install, as it can have a major impact on your comfort level and safety. Without a proper flooring system, you can experience discomfort in your joints and can even be at risk of injury due to slips or falls on inappropriate flooring. Additionally, using a space that has a simple concrete flooring will likely end up with scratches, cracks, and abrasions. We here at DC Generals will share with you some things you should know about selecting the best flooring for your office gym.

The Challenge of Office Gym Flooring

There are three significant challenges that the floor of your new Maryland office gym will need to address. The first of these is the weight of the equipment. This is especially obvious with weights, as their entire purpose is to be heavy, but most exercise machines weigh in quite heavily as well. The flooring type that you choose needs to be strong enough to hold up under the weight of all this equipment. The second challenge is that of impact. This differs from the first challenge in that opposed to the long-term pressure of weights and equipment, impact is quite sudden and can break subpar flooring. Finally, many office gyms will involve close surface contact, such as yoga or simple stretching. This means that the floor, in addition to being impact-resistant and durable under long-term pressure, needs to be comfortable to sit on. In addition to these big concerns, there are many smaller ones, such as selecting a flooring system that allows for moisture, from sweat or from water and cleaning products, to be easily wiped away. These three challenges demonstrate why you will need a specialized flooring system in your new office gym.

Durable Gym Flooring

Selecting the right material for your new office gym is an important step in creating a comfortable and inviting space for your employees to work out in. In addition to needing to meet the challenges listed above, you’re going to want your new gym floor to be aesthetically pleasing. With office gym flooring systems, you have the freedom to be creative with the materials, colors, and designs being used. You can even have a personalized design or company logo added to the floors, making the space truly one of a kind.


Our concrete flooring specialist will begin by thoroughly cleaning the existing concrete floor. High traffic areas will receive special attention, as will any locations with mold, fungal issues, or areas that accumulate dirt and grease. These issues need to be addressed as early as possible, as we don’t want to seal any contaminants into the floor. We also need to ensure that there is proper coverage over the high-traffic or otherwise problematic areas. Once the floor is well and truly clean, our flooring specialist will prepare the floor by grinding the surface down with an industrial grinder. By grinding the floor down like this, our specialist is opening up millions of tiny pores within the surface, making for excellent adhesion and ensuring that your new concrete floor coating system has a long life and high performance. There are many options for the aesthetic aspect of the job, including the ability to insert colored chips into the base coat to achieve a special look. The floor should be dry within an hour or so, after which our specialist will apply a two-part topcoat that is poured directly onto the floor.

Your new office gym needs to rise to meet a number of challenges, Contact DC Generals today for more information!

Posted on Jun 17, 2020

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Unlike an epoxy garage floor coating our chip system uses polyurea—a material that’s much stronger and more flexible

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