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Choosing the Right Garage Floor Coating

Choosing the Right Garage Floor Coating

It’s important that you choose the right floor coating system for your Maryland garage floor. Not only do you want something that’ll be spill resistant and hold up to heavy items, but you want something that’s going to be aesthetically pleasing. Freshening up your garage floor with a new epoxy concrete coating is a sure way to bolster the longevity of your floor, as well as a great way to boost your garage floor’s aesthetic appeal.

Benefits to Coating

No matter your particular needs, a dirty floor is an immediate turnoff. Regular concrete floors can be an absolute disaster. They easily absorb spills, leaving stains that can last for years. This is because most concrete slabs are installed with minimal sealing. In addition to this, concrete is naturally porous and chalky, which can make the surface nearly impossible to keep clean. An epoxy sealed floor, on the other hand, is non-porous, thus not allowing dirt and spills to stain your beautiful garage workspace. Any mess that is made can easily be cleaned up with simple soap and water. Hiring a professional commercial flooring contractor to perform the coating process is a great way to keep your garage clean and inviting for years to come.


Our specialists will begin by cleaning the existing concrete floor thoroughly. High-traffic areas and places that tend to accumulate dirt and grease are given special attention, as are any locations with mold or fungal issues. This step is important, as we don’t want to seal any contaminants in, and we need to ensure that there is proper coverage over the high-traffic or problematic areas. This cleaning process will also include patching cracks in the concrete, scraping up any residue left behind from spills, and degreasing where necessary. After the floor has been well and truly cleaned, our professional contractor will prepare the floor by grinding the surface down with an industrial strength grinder. This will open up millions of tiny little pores within the surface. The floor is then thoroughly vacuumed using HEPA filtration, in order to remove any lingering dirt or dust particles. A two-part priming coat is blended with a tinted base, and this is rolled across the floor. The blend enters into the pores created by the grinding process, providing excellent adhesion and ensuring that your floor has a long life and high performance. A floor coating can actually be applied over a wide range of surfaces, including wood, tile, and obviously concrete. Depending on the surface material, we may need to apply multiple coats, as a thinner coat will be smoother and splipperier, and will reveal more imperfections than a thicker coat would. Our technicians, while working on your garage floor, will use special footwear that allows them to walk across the wet floor without damaging the sealer. If it’s desired, colored chips can be inserted into the base coat in order to achieve a special look. Within an hour or so, the floor is generally dry enough to be scraped. After this, our specialist will apply a two-part topcoat that will be poured directly onto the floor.

You spend more time in your garage than you might think, and it’s important that you have a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing flooring system. Contact DC Generals today to schedule a concrete flooring consultation!

Posted on Jun 15, 2020

What Makes Our Flooring Great

Fast Installations

Our chip flooring can be installed in as little as one day by DC Generals’ trained and certified flooring experts.


The vinyl chips can be custom-blended into nearly any color, allowing your new floor coating to match your existing décor!


Made up of small vinyl chips, this flooring system finishes with a light, orange peel-like texture, adding slip resistance and extra grip to promote safe use.


Unlike an epoxy garage floor coating our chip system uses polyurea—a material that’s much stronger and more flexible

Penntek is an industry leader in concrete floor coatings for a reason. Choosing a Penntek coating installation from DC Generals means you can expect faster installations, customized styles, safety, durability, and integrity.

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“I heard about the benefits of having my garage floor done by DC Generals Concrete Coatings, but the outcome exceeded my expectations! The garage looks 10x better and feels more like a living space now. No more oil stains since any new ones can be cleaned up. The job only took one day and it gave me an excuse to clean out my garage. I highly recommend DC Generals Concrete Coatings and their PennTek product. I will never own another house without having a PennTek garage.”

— Brian James
Frederick, MD

“Awesome service by DC Generals who did all that it took in working with my insurance company for teh proper assessment of the roof and property damage which resulted in a new roof. I highly recommend this company!”

“We’ve had a great experience with DC Generals. They have been very responsive!”

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“We have been very happy with the work performed by DC Generals.Great deal,quick response to any questions, and the roof and siding look great! We had additional follow up work done. Customer service is excellent. Highly recommend.”