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Pet-Friendly Dog Kennel Concrete Flooring Options are Here

Pet-Friendly Dog Kennel Concrete Flooring Options are Here

If you’ve ever spent time in a kennel, perhaps while housing one of your animals before a vacation, you are likely aware of the unpleasant smell that plagues certain establishments that don’t keep up with their cleaning. Sometimes, however, this smell is not the fault of the cleaning staff, but is actually the fault of the concrete itself! Most kennels are made from poured concrete that serves as the floor for the dog’s little area. Most kennels do not seal the concrete, meaning that there will be a tiresome, time-consuming cleaning process every time an animal has an accident, which happens quite frequently. Even after the mess has been cleaned up, the smell can persist. This is because the particles causing the smell, whether it be urine or solid waste, seep into the pores of the concrete, and they become part of the floor itself. Once this has happened, it can be extremely difficult to remove the stain and smell.

Benefits to Sealing a Kennel

With a sealed kennel floor, you will find that bodily fluids, chemicals, and waste can be easily cleaned up using normal soap and water. Because it can be so easily cleaned, a sealed floor is naturally stain-resistant, as the sealant stops the penetration of ureic acid, chemicals, and other materials that can cause odors into the concrete’s pores. The floor will also be abrasion resistant, meaning it will not peel or chip when in contact with animal nails. In addition to shedding fur, your pets also shed animal dander, or flakes of skin, that can aggravate allergies in those who are sensitive. Smooth floor surfaces like an epoxy-sealed concrete flooring system won’t trap this dander, and it won’t harbor fleas or mites that your pet could carry home.

Types of Sealant

There are a couple of different options when you are browsing the market for kennel sealers. Many opt for epoxy systems, which consist of an epoxy primer and a urethane top coat. These are usually available in either clear or colored varieties, and they leave a glossy finish on the floor. An epoxy sealant completely resists the penetration of acids and chemicals, allowing for an easy clean-up process. You’ll be able to wipe up those spills and accidents without any trouble! These types of sealers are also extremely abrasion resistant, so you won’t have to worry about the coatings peeling, chipping, or delaminating when they’re exposed to sharp dog nails. The other option for a sealant is a natural finish penetrating sealer. This will help resist staining, and it will cause fluids to bead up from the concrete as opposed to being absorbed into it. A penetrating sealer also ensures that your floors are slip resistant. Rather than creating a layer of smooth epoxy, a natural finish penetrating sealer will allow the concrete to retain its original surface texture.

Pet-friendly concrete sealing systems are the best option for your Maryland kennel or anywhere your dogs will spend a lot of time. Avoid the smell and make cleaning easier by contacting DC Generals today!

Posted on Jun 11, 2020

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